The Intern Whisperer

S5 Ep. 207 Birgitta Irblich

July 26, 2022

Birgitta Irblich is a multifaceted educator. One of the reasons I liked her is that she has solid education background. While her background and degree is around early education, she also understands how adults learn. She is an instructional designer.  These people take learning to a whole new level. 

Tune in to hear other things we talked about - like her five words she uses to describe her, how frequently people turn their career paths over, and how she is reinventing herself 

Birgitta has deep background in holistic approaches in education and how what we take in impacts our mind, body and spirit. Hope you enjoy listening to her. Please leave us a comment and share #WhatILearned from this week's guest. 

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