The Intern Whisperer

S5 Ep. 221 Amelia Heroux

November 1, 2022

Amelia Heroux works with a #PEO company. You might be wondering what a PEO company is, mini lesson here - it mean professional employer organization - like a full-service HR benefits for your small business. Her amazing employer is Insperity

Other interesting tidbits you will learn about Amelia is how she got started in the sales industry because it predominantly a male industry at the time.  I don't normally share all five words that my guests use to describe themselves but I am this time. #Determined, #Helpful, #Passionate, #Honest #Loyal. I immediately connected with her and believe you will also.  We hope you enjoy this episode and Amelia's predictions about the #FutureOfWork in #2030 

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